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Guide for the Non-Beer Drinker in Portland, Maine

Portland’s beer scene is next-level. An explosion of phenomenal craft breweries has made Portland one of the most beer-focused cities in America, with more breweries per capita than any other city in the country. We are spoiled with some amazing suds.

But that’s not to say that Portland is only focused on beer. We are also packed full of remarkable establishments crafting alternative liquids. 

At SeaPortland we seek to include many of these products in our tours for non-beer drinkers, so there’s a choice for everyone!

If you’re less of a beer person, but still looking to try some of what Maine has to offer, check these places out.



a person standing in front of a building


Après stormed onto the scene in East Bayside in 2021 and the hype has not slowed. They’re making killer craft seltzers in an inviting space where you’ll want to hang out all night.

Most of SeaPortland’s tours include cans of Après craft seltzers. They are refreshing, well-balanced, and use real fruit ingredients. The seltzers are calorie-light and gluten-free so you can indulge without the guilt. Join us on a SeaPortland tour out in the harbor—we’ll have an Après waiting.






Hardshore Distilling Company

a close up of a brick building


Hardshore: for the lover of good gin. Hardshore crafts high-quality botanical spirits made from family-grown grain and fresh botanicals. This gin features a classic taste but also redefines what gin can be. Located on the exciting stretch that is Washington Ave. in the East End of Portland, Hardshore is a must-stop for the gin enthusiast.





Three of Strong Spirits

Three of Strong knows a good spirit. This renowned distillery has changed the small-batch spirits game in Portland, using simple local ingredients and Sebago Lake water to craft high-quality rum. There are no gimmicks with this liquid, folks. Just a commitment to quality craftsmanship and taste from the distillery all the way to your mouths.

For the serious rum lover, check out our Rum History and Tasting Tour with Three of Strong, happening every Thursday. Featuring a trip out to House Island on the Elizabeth Grace, where we will enjoy delicious rum tastings and hear about the long history of rum in Portland.


Root Wild

a sign in front of a building


Kombucha! Certainly, you’re aware of the kombucha craze sweeping the nation. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink with many probiotic health benefits. As with any other fermented beverages, you can increase the fermentation to produce more alcohol content while infusing it with delicious flavorings and adjuncts.

Root Wild Kombuchery in Portland has cornered the market on delicious hard and “soft” (<1% ABV) kombuchas. Their sun-soaked taproom and production facility on Washington Ave. is a great place to stop when exploring the finer beverage options on the peninsula. When asking yourself, “where do I find good kombucha in Portland?”, here’s your answer.


Urban Farm Fementory

a sign in front of a building


East Bayside’s Urban Farm Fermentory is on a quest to ferment all kinds of delicious liquids with locally foraged ingredients. Whether it’s cider, mead, kombucha, gruit beer, or jun, these drinks will grab your interest and then delight your tastebuds. UFF’s taproom is a fun hang, too. Check them out!





Maine Mead Works

a sign on the side of a building


Mead is widely considered to be the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. Fermented honey mixed with spices and other adjuncts certainly piques the interest, doesn’t it? Once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to go back to life before mead.

Maine Mead Works in East Bayside is producing delicious meads that inspire and delight the senses. You won’t regret this stop.






eighteen twenty wines

Small-batch wines are all the rage these days, and Portland’s eighteen twenty wines is leading the pack. Their wines are sophisticated and delicious, produced with all-Maine ingredients (rhubarb is the star of the show). Check out their tasting room in the East Bayside neighborhood.