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Scenic Lighthouse Harbor Tour

Quick Details

Adult 21+
Private Charter Price includes up to 12 guest • Additional guest are $75 per person for 13-20 guests

Historic Maine Lighthouse Boat Tour


The tour is approximately 1.5 hours, round-trip.


Few things are more iconically Maine than the lighthouse. From their perches atop rocky cliffs and windswept islands, seafarers would rely on their bright beacons to guide them home from the North Atlantic beyond.

Now, their history and majestic beauty continue to captivate us. Maine’s 65 lighthouses receive a massive amount of visitors per year.

But here’s a question for you. Have you ever taken in the view of a Maine lighthouse how the sailors would see it: from the water?

SeaPortland is bringing you a unique boat tour experience around the Portland Harbor and Casco Bay aboard the Elizabeth Grace. Sightseeing opportunities abound in this world-renowned destination, where you can see the iconic lighthouses, 200-year-old forts, and rocky and stunning islands within just a few minutes of the deckhand pushing off from the Custom House Wharf.

Experience all of this while sipping on a local Portland craft beverage as part of your tour.

Don’t miss out on this experience. Book now!


Two local craft beverages are included per person. Must be 21+ to drink. There is no cash bar on the boat.